Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Cheap or good diving? We know where we stand.

We, the Easy Divers Bali may take it easy when approaching life, love and food. Never, when it comes to diving. 20,000 dives with ZERO accidents is consequence of relentless professionalism, no compromises regarding equipment quality and maintenance, mandatory safety protocols, and staff training as well as staff responsibilities. There is no place for cutting corners in Easy Divers Bali when it comes to safety and diving.

We know many other dive centers do things differently. But we know what works for us. How about you?

Cheap or good? The decision is yours.
Easy Divers Bali safe diving practices


Enjoyable, safe, relaxing trips. This is Easy Divers Bali way of diving and snorkeling. It's the only way we do it. Lonely Planet, PADI and all agree Easy Divers Bali is a place to go when looking for top tier diving experience in greater Bali northern region.

We're one of few dive centers with PADI Recognition of Excellence certificate and PADI 5 STAR dive resorts in this area. For 15 consecutive years, Easy Divers Bali has received the highest, five-star reviews on portal.

Given all these facts, we're doing it right, and we have no plan of changing it. To be on the safe side, check PADI website and search for "Pemuteran, Bali" to locate authentic PADI dive centers in our area.
Easy DIvers Bali PADI 5 star center

Base of operation

Easy Divers Bali is both the name and the motto of our boutique dive center. We are well organized, clean, and most of all, fun & safety-oriented. Young energy, mixed with the old, sound diving practices.

Some facts about our center:

  • Compressor: Coltri Sub (four filling stations)
  • Air intake: Climatized and monitored
  • Number of cylinders: 26
  • Cylinder sizes: 12L, 7L
  • Cylinder material: Aluminium
  • DIN/INT: Both
  • Rental equipment: cca. 10
  • Brands rental equipment: Scubapro (regulators, BCDs)
  • Spaces: Drying room, washing area, relaxation area, training room
  • Safety equipment: DAN 02, First aid equipment
  • Nearest deco chamber: Denpasar
  • Nearest hospital: Singaraja
For more information read our FAQ seciton.
  • Easy Divers Bali Cylinders
  • Easy Divers Bali BCD's
  • Easy Divers Bali Washing Area