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More than 15 years in Pemuteran. SCUBA diving in North Bali - at Menjangan Island, Pemuteran Reefs and Secret Bay.

15 years in Pemuteran Bali
“A friendly place to unwind. A professional dive crew that will treat me as a friend. Good dives. Pleasant relaxation on the boat. A chat. Some laughter.” If your train of thoughts is tempting you to a journey like this, welcome.
Every dive shop in Bali is promising you professionalism, quality, safety and good value for your money.
Unfortunately, most of the time you get exactly this and nothing more.
Just promises.
Do your homework. Check with your friends who have already dived here. Guide books. PADI dive shop locator. portal. Forums. Your instructor.

Research, use your gut feeling, tarot cards, your intuition, gypsy fortune teller, whatever floats your boat.

Price list - 2019
Form of payment: cash (EUR, USD, IDR).
USD and IDR current bank exchange rate March 2019 1 EUR 16.000 IDR
1 EUR 1.1 USD

Credit Cards accepted: with 3% surcharge.

Booking confirmation:
Minimum one day before the trip you should confirm your booking at our office.

1 dive 2 dives/day
Review dive 25 EUR
Shore dive 25 EUR 45 EUR
Pemuteran reefs 35 EUR 65 EUR
Muck bay 35 EUR 65 EUR
Secret bay (min. 2 divers) 75 EUR
Menjangan island (min. 2 divers) 75 EUR + fees
Marine Park Reefs (min. 2 divers) 75 EUR
Equipment rental per day 15 EUR
Menjangan fees: 20 EUR. Since October 2016 for trips on Sunday or holiday add extra 100.000Rp (about 6 EUR) to the basic fee.
For snorkelers and not yet certified divers:
Snorkeling Menjangan island
40 EUR + fees
Snorkeling Marine Park Reefs
40 EUR
Introductory shore dive* 55 EUR 90 EUR
Introductory dive at Pemuteran reefs* 65 EUR 110 EUR
Introductory dives at Menjangan island* 120 EUR + fees
Introductory dives at Marine Park Reefs* 120 EUR
Long time no diving:
Refresher course (2 hours theory, 2 dives on a house reef) * 90 EUR
If you feel your diving skills are a bit too rusty to feel safe and comfortable in the water, it makes sense to spend a day brushing them up.
Diving courses:
Open Water Course (5 days)
420 EUR
Advanced Open Water Course (2 days)
350 EUR
Rescue Course (4 days)
390 EUR
For the time being we offer only guided dives for certified divers, "Introductory diving" for not yet certified divers and "Refresher courses" for certified divers after longer period of non diving.
OWD, AOWD and Rescue courses are not available.
*Equipment rental included in prices.

Menjangan island fees: 20 EUR / 26 EUR
They are stated separately as departure fees to the island (200.000 Rp /13 EUR) and all other fees (snorkeling or diving tickets, Indonesian insurance for visitors, increased fees for boat owners and captains, handlers fees) are changing unpredictably, without prior notice. Fees for Menjangan apply only for foreigners and not for Indonesians. At the moment Menjangan fees are slightly north of 300.000 Rp (20 EUR) per person.
Since October 2016 fees for trips commencing on Sunday or holiday are increased for 100.000 Rp (about 6 EUR).

Can you still dive or snorkel in the Menjangan area on fantastic coral drop-offs without being ripped-off?

Excellent coral walls in Menjangan area are just a little away from the island but outside of the Jakarta jurisdiction.
In cooperation with Balinese Banyu Mandi organization we explored the dive sites of Marine Park Reefs and established new moorings.
Same boat trips, same crews, same facilities in the harbor, same insurance and rescue included.
Only no penalty to pay for being foreigners.

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VAT included? Yes.
Any hidden costs? No.