Easy Divers Bali – Pemuteran, North Bali

More than 15 years in Pemuteran. SCUBA diving in North Bali - at Menjangan Island, Pemuteran Reefs and Secret Bay.

15 years in Pemuteran Bali
“A friendly place to unwind. A professional dive crew that will treat me as a friend. Good dives. Pleasant relaxation on the boat. A chat. Some laughter.” If your train of thoughts is tempting you to a journey like this, welcome.
How come that Lonely Planet, PADI, taucher.net and other reliable sources so warmly recommend Easy Divers Bali dive center as a perfect choice for scuba diving holidays in North Bali?
Could be, combined yours and our passion for scuba diving simply keeps the Easy Divers riding on the crest of a wave.
Some facts about us and a strong word of caution:
Accept any self-promotion or self-praise of the dive business owners with a grain of salt. Or better, with a truckload of salt.

Our prices of diving services are clear, straightforward and set in stone.
No nasty surprises when paying the bill.
Including a sound advice for your decisions.

For many of the activities we sometimes need some extra assistance and personal guidance to achieve our goals. Diving is just one of them.

All roads lead to Rome, they say. And some even to North Bali, Pemuteran ‒ to Easy Divers.

In Pemuteran you will find anything: from homestays, small hotels, to luxury villas. A brief glimpse at different options, price ranges ...

From Pemuteran Reefs to Menjangan Island and Secret Bay. Transforming feelings into thoughts and thoughts into words is actually downgrading the sensation. However, here is a humble try …

You can get the basic idea about who will make your diving holidays great, average, boring or excellent.

Emails we try to respond within 24 hours.

Is life without scuba diving just an illusion?
This one hasn't been answered yet.

Something to daydream about while your boss is not around ...

People make or break any business.

Underwater photos: diving Pemuteran, Menjangan, North Bali.