Lonely Planet, PADI and taucher.net and other reliable sources all agree Easy Divers Bali is a place to go when looking for top tier scuba diving experience in Greater Bali Northern region from Secret Bay and Menjangan to Tulamben.

Diving Menjangan island

The beautiful island is a part of the West Bali National Park and the main reason divers visit North Bali.

Diving in Pemuteran

Home to the world's largest artificial coral reef just a step away from the shore, where new marine life has taken root and started to thrive.

Marine Park

Best twilight diving spot to find elusive and unusual alien marine species.

Muck Bay

Perfect for underwater photographers and those who want something different.

Secret Bay

Best twilight diving spot to find elusive and unusual alien marine species.

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Our Story

In 2013, our wanderlust took us to a small fishing village of Pemuteran where we met Dusan, Elena and their team who sparked our passion for scuba diving. We returned to Bali again and again because of funtastic dive sites, his profesional crew, excellently organized and safety-oriented dive center, and then we were hooked.
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