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More than 15 years in Pemuteran. SCUBA diving in North Bali - at Menjangan Island, Pemuteran Reefs and Secret Bay.

15 years in Pemuteran Bali
“A friendly place to unwind. A professional dive crew that will treat me as a friend. Good dives. Pleasant relaxation on the boat. A chat. Some laughter.” If your train of thoughts is tempting you to a journey like this, welcome.
Q: Can you explain how a diving day with Easy Divers looks like? When, how long it takes to do 2 dives? Snorkeling at Menjangan?

A: Varying. For dive trips to Menjangan Island, Secret Bay, Marine Park Reefs, Muck Bay we meet at 08.30 at Easy Divers, start with a short car ride and for Menjangan and Marine Park continue by boat. After doing 2 one hour dives and an hour and half interval between the dives you are back at the dive center in the early afternoon. During breaks there is bottled water and a light lunch.
Snorkelers joining us for the trip to Menjangan Island join the same group at the same time and their snorkeling guide is with them in the water not just to point out some special forms of sea life but also to pay attention to their safety and answer their questions.

For Pemuteran Bay and Pemuteran Reefs we start at the same time, and also finish in the early afternoon.
For Pemuteran Bay it's a five minute walk to the beach (equipment is taken there by our staff), and after donning the gear submerging in the blue. Doing these 2 one hour dives including surface interval on the beach will get you back to Easy Divers around 13.00.
For Pemuteran Reefs it starts the same and continues with a short (10 minute) boat ride to the spot.
For all dives with us our staff takes care of handling your equipment, including cleaning after a day of diving.

Q: How is it possible that there are so many PADI dive centers in Pemuteran which are not listed on PADI web sites? Can you clarify?
A: A very good observation. A genuine PADI dive resort denotes a professionally run dive shop, with quality exceeding local standards and implementing all the safety standards.
Namely: teaching status professionals, pure air in tanks, equipment maintained by qualified personnel, emergency oxygen unit, emergency plans – all these standards tourists usually take for granted.

Reality check in Pemuteran (and elsewhere in Bali):       
In order to implement these standards, which are essential for your safety, the owners must invest a lot of time, education and money in their businesses; a dozen of Javanese, French and Balinese owned dive shops have decided for a dangerous shortcut. Instead of a long and expensive way to establish a decent and safe dive shop, they decided to simply put PADI signs on their web pages and on their dive shops of dubious quality. 
Unfortunately, the negligence of both the Indonesian government and PADI allows fake PADI dive shops to lure the unsuspecting tourists into activities that are not exactly safe.

PADI so far evaluated and authorized 4 (four) dive bases as PADI resorts in Pemuteran:
  • Bali Diving Academy
  • Easy Divers Bali
  • Reef Seen Aquatics
  • Werner Lau Dive Center

You can check out latest updates on PADI resorts at “Dive Shop Locator”.

Q: Who will be diving with us at Easy Divers?
A: Experienced PADI professionals Ana, Jure and Rafi are leading the dives. Young Heri has developed into a one really fine dive guide. We all have been on hundreds of dives together and they are as good as they come.

Q: Can we clean and store our diving equipment at Easy Divers while diving with you?
A: Yes, our staff will clean and store your equipment.

Q: I have DIN regulator and my wife uses INT. Do we need any adapters?
A: No, our tank valves are DIN and we have INT adapters for owners of INT regulators.

Q: Nitrox?
A: No.

Q: We were checking several offers for diving in your area and we think some dive centers are promising more than you are. What do you think about this?
A: Promising or delivering?

Q: Are there any banks or at least ATM machines in Pemuteran?
A: No banks, but there are three ATMs about ten minutes’ walk from Easy Divers. However, for payments at hotels (not homestays) and for diving services you can use Master or Visa credit cards as well.

Q: What are the dining possibilities in Pemuteran?
A: Asian, Indonesian cuisine at its best ─ rice, vegetables, sauces, soups, fish, chicken, deserts. You can try out hotel restaurants as well as small, good restaurants at the main road. One of the hotels specializes in Thai food, another in European cuisine, while another offers some Greek specialties.

Q: Is it possible to get a taxi or hire a car in Pemuteran?
A: There is an organization of drivers in Pemuteran and you can order a car with the driver either at your hotel or at our place.

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