Pemuteran Bay is our second home. It features three different diving spots and is the starting point for Pemuteran Reefs. Diving from the shore is ideal for introductory dives or getting certified or brushing the dust of your diving skills. It offers endless hours of exploring. We can observe turtles grazing on seagrass, red snappers patrolling the wall, moray eels hiding in the artificial reef, clownfish viciously defending their colonies and many, many more. Diving Pemuteran Reefs is suitable for open water divers as well as advanced divers. For those with a little more experience under your weight belts, we can visit an underwater temple at 30 meters, the Deep Reef, or enjoy the thrill of night diving.

Our favorite Pemuteran Bay spots


Biowreck features a large coral boomie and three artificial structures, among them a turtle. Great for fun dives and snorkeling.

Depth: 2 to 18 m

Common Dwellers: shrimp, crab, numerous nudibranchs, parrotfish, cornetfish, trumpetfish, mantis shrimp, leaf scorpionfish.

Special Guests: frogfish, octopus, ghost pipefish, cuttlefish.

Close Encounters

One of our favourite spots. Great for underwater photography, fun dives, and snorkeling as well.

Depth: 5 to 40 meters

Common Dwellers: octopus, blue spotted stingray, cleaner shrimp, angelfish, fusilier, redtooth triggerfish.

Special Guests: eagle ray, green turtle, napoleon fish, schools of tuna, bumphead parrotfish.

Temple Wall

The spot offers two excellent dive sites: Temple Wall (28 m) & Temple Garden (16 m).

Depth: 12 to 40 m

Common Dwellers: little critters, batfish, underwater temple.

Special Guests: humphead parrotfish.

Try Scuba Diving in Pemuteran

Your first underwater experience

Pemuteran Bay is and ideal location for your first underwater experience. Whether you are looking for discovery scuba dives or wanting to become a certified diver.

Depth: 2 to 18 m

Common Dwellers: shrimp, crab, schools of black surgeonfish, moray eel, colonies of clownfish, parrotfish, cornetfish, lobster.

Special Guests: octopus, cuttlefish, red snapper, barracuda, titan triggerfish, boxfish.

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Night diving Napoleon Reef

Night diving is usually done in Pemuteran Bay but if the conditions are right, we can also take you to Napoleon Reef. You won't belive how a spot can transform during the night.

House Reef: 2 to 12 m

Napoleon Reef: 4 to 14 m

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