People make or break any business.


The usual suspect

Even though diving was his childhood dream, Jure got distracted by other sports that included one or another shape of water. From swimming & snorkeling, to sailing and skiing. But since his first underwater experience back in 2013, the passion for diving grew stronger and stronger with each passing year. Being a co-founder of a small creative digital agency and working as a front-end developer & project manager, Jure is now transforming his valuable experience from the digital world into the life of a professional scuba diver. If you ask him who he would like to meet if given the chance, he would probably reply 'Sir David Attenborough, Sylvia Earl, or Elon Musk'. Go figure :)
Jure Mestek


The designated spotter

Rafi always loved water, so diving came to him naturally. Before he joined our team, he was a fisherman, like his father, who took him out to sea when Rafi was only two years old. He's one of the best spotters around, making him a perfect buddy for underwater photographers. His greatest wish is to dive Raja Ampat and the Komodo National Park.
Rafi Anto


The snorkler god

When Heri looks at the sea, he doesn't only see the water but the infinite possibilities of marine critters he might encounter beneath the waves. When he submerges into the deep blue, he feels relaxed, lets his worries go and enjoys the feeling of weightlessness as he skilfully glides by coral reefs brimming with life.
Heri Black


The diver's apprentice

Before Arjun joined our team and became an Easy Diver, he worked in a bakery, decoration, and built houses. As soon as he started diving with us, we saw he was a natural. He likes diving because it feels like flying through another dimension and sets him free. When you visit our dive center, his bright smile will probably be the first thing you see.


The Maker of order

Kadek prepares all of our meals and she knows the secret to the best mie goreng in town. She takes care that you won't get sick on the boat, greeting you in the morning with ginger tea. And when we return from our underwater adventures, she has just what you need. Coffee.


The not so blond Atomic

When Ana's mom was pregnant and caught sight of the sea for the first time out of an old Zastava 101, Ana kicked for the first time. You could say it was love at first... kick. She learned to swim with fins and mask long before she could actually swim holding her head above the water. Not that she couldn't, she just didn't want to. The only natural thing for her to do was to take up scuba diving when she was old enough. And whoa, did that turn her life around! If she had gills, she'd never come back out. Well, technically she does have gills now. And no, she's not here at the moment, why do you ask?