Exploring Secret Bay in Gilimanuk is truly a unique experience. The shallow bay offers muck diving at its best, a vivid contrast to diving Menjagan and Pemuteran Reefs. Here, you won’t be spoiled by amazing visibility, stunning coral gardens or large schools of fish; instead, we will navigate our way over a sandy bottom full of alien creatures in search of hidden corners teeming with life like oases in a desert.

Secret Bay

Hugely popular twilight dive site for underwater photographers for its mandarine fish and numerous colorful critters.

Depth: 2 to 6 m

Common Dwellers: mandarine fish, snake eels, rabbit fish, frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimp, devilfish.

Special Guests: bobbit worm, sea snake, dragonet, mimic octopus.

Dragonet in Secret Bay