Exploring Secret Bay in Gilimanuk is truly a unique experience. The shallow bay offers muck diving at its best, a vivid contrast to diving Menjagan and Pemuteran Reefs. Here, you won’t be spoiled by amazing visibility, stunning coral gardens or large schools of fish; instead, we will navigate our way over a sandy bottom full of alien creatures in search of hidden corners teeming with life like oases in a desert.
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If you are coming by in April 2019, send us an email, containing the secret message 'It is I, Leclerc' and get a  10% discount  on our regular diving services.*
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*Regular services include: diving and snorkeling trips, equipment, introductory and review dives. Regular services exclude: National Park fees and surcharges, diving packages, scuba courses, and other special offers. Standard rules apply. The offer is valid for diving and snorkeling trips taking place until and on 30 April 2019.

Secret Bay

Hugely popular twilight dive site for underwater photographers for its mandarine fish and numerous colorful critters.

Depth: 2 to 6 m

Common Dwellers: mandarine fish, snake eels, rabbit fish, frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimp, devilfish.

Special Guests: bobbit worm, sea snake, dragonet, mimic octopus.

Dragonet in Secret Bay