Our predecessor and long-time mentor, Dusan, is famous among divers all over the world. Under his strict supervision, his small diving center Easy Divers Bali flourished into one of the most recognizable diving resorts in North Bali.

The journey there...

In 2013, our travels took us to a small fishing village of Pemuteran where we met Dusan, Jana and their team, who sparked our passion for scuba diving.

We returned to Bali again and again because of his profesional crew, excellently organized and safety-oriented dive center, and then we were hooked. Fast forward through rivers, freshwater lakes, Bunaken, Togean Islands, Komodo National Park, Malta, the Canary Islands, the Adriatic ... and back to Bali.
This time for good.
At Easy Divers as guest in 2015
Easy Divers core team

...And back again

See, life is funny.
Sometimes things come together in a full circle. And now, here we are, proud successors of Dusan, new owners of Easy Divers Bali, hoping to do justice to the dive shop where our love for diving took root.