Menjangan island is a part of West Bali National Park and one of the main reasons divers visit North Bali. There’s nothing to it – Menjangan is a stunning diving experience. It offers amazing drop-offs, beautiful coral gardens, huge gorgon fans and shallow slopes excellent for snorkeling and discovery scuba diving. Due to the Menjangan's location, the visibility is usually excellent – 20 meters or more. There are more than 12 different diving sites, which we can explore in multiple ways. During the surface interval, we can relax and eat our lunch at one of two ranger stations where you can enjoy the white sandy beaches and get a glimpse of the island above the surface.

Our favorite Menjangan spots

Cave Point

Amazing drop-off teeming with colourful tropical marine life and beautiful corals with a cave at around 14 meters. Great for divers of all certifications and snorkelers alike.

Depth: 3 to 40 m

Common Dwellers: frogfish, mackerel, angelfish, butterfly fish, jacks, groupers.

Special Guests: whitetip reef shark, eagle ray, banded snake eel.

Eel Garden

Home to a large colony of dancing garden eels. Awesome for macro photography, snorkeling and fun dives for more experienced divers. Can also be a nice drift dive.

Depth: 4 to 40 m

Common Dwellers: frogfish, eels, angelfish, mackerel, bannerfish, gorgonia, snappers, triggerfish.

Special Guests: reef shark, schools of tuna and kingfish.

Coral Garden

Coral Garden features four different dive sites, full of reef fish and big coral fans, soft & table corals. Snorkelers usually want to go again.

Depth: 3 to 30 m

Common Dwellers: titan triggerfish, clown triggerfish, batfish, glass shrimp, angelfish, moorish idol.

Special Guests: turtle, reef shark, schools of mackerel.

Introductory diving in Menjangan Island

Discover scuba diving & snorkeling at POS I

The spot offers a calm sanctuary to a beautiful array of marine creatures, making it perfect for discovery scuba dives and snorkeling. The first underwater experince in Menjangan usually consist of two intro dives. But upon request, we can also combine a single intro dive with snorkeling.

Intro diving: 2 x intro dive

Combo: 1 x intro dive + snorkeling trip

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Make the best of it: Family trip to Menjangan

A day trip to Menjangan island is a perfect daily activity for the whole family. Diving or snorkeling with a visit to the island where you can relax and explore the sandy beaches, visit the temples and observe the deers. For children, we make a snorkeling trip both educational and fun.

Activities: Snorkeling and diving, learning about the underwater environment and marine life.

Time spent on the island: usualy between 60 and 90 minutes

Info: a light lunch, water and bisquits are included in the package. Private boat upon request.

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Taking a break for surface interval and a light lunch.