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More than 15 years in Pemuteran. SCUBA diving in North Bali - at Menjangan Island, Pemuteran Reefs and Secret Bay.

15 years in Pemuteran Bali
“A friendly place to unwind. A professional dive crew that will treat me as a friend. Good dives. Pleasant relaxation on the boat. A chat. Some laughter.” If your train of thoughts is tempting you to a journey like this, welcome.
As a dedicated, and a rather good, dive operator I am not running a side business as a self-proclaimed tourist agency for hotel bookings, trekking, pizza deliveries and sightseeing tours.

However, as I have been living in Pemuteran for more than 15 years, I can share some hopefully useful information with you.
Maybe these notes and ideas will give you some extra input to make your decisions easier: for accommodation, figuring out what else to do, to see, to shop – to make your holiday plan something you deserve.

Qualities that can make your holidays even nicer are certainly friendliness and willingness of your hosts to assist you in different ways. You will find these attributes in almost any accommodation price range.

You will have to decide what you are looking for on your holiday – stay at luxury villas, nice hotels, cozy homestays ...

Prices: around 200 EUR for two persons per night.
What you can get in Pemuteran for a price of an average hotel room back home?
A villa set on a spacious area of land, away from the crowds, with friendly staff taking care of the estate, a private pool with pure non-chlorinated water and delicious meals. Even an open car with a driver taking you around Pemuteran anytime at your wish is included ...
Add your favorite old T-shirt, shorts, a couple of good books – and Bill Gates can eat his heart out.
For villas in Pemuteran please check or ask for assistance from Stefan Russel, partner at Vilondo directly. It is hard to find a more straightforward and friendly professional.

Prices: from 40 EUR for two persons per night for non-star hotels. And north of 200 EUR for five star facility.
If you want to spend a little more on accommodation and would like that other people notice this, you have a five star hotel in Pemuteran; as well as several non-star hotels.

All hotels are at the beachfront, bungalow style, with lush tropical gardens – exotic serenity would be a suitable description.

Prices: averaging at 20 EUR for two persons per night.
Homestays are on the lower side of the price range. However, the same rules apply as for other types of accommodations, you can find anything: from owners going really out of their way to make your stay even more pleasant, to owners who are so tightfisted that even the fruit you innocently pick in the homestay's garden will be put on your bill.

Research, ask friends who already stayed here, book – and enjoy!

Exploring Pemuteran:
To spice up your holidays, here are some ideas – just to give you a taste of Pemuteran village.

Visit nearby temples, make a trip to local market, invite yourself to a family Hindu ceremony, take a stroll on the beach …

Maybe you would like to visit a small shop of a local manufacturer of gourmet salts. Mr. Made Gel Gel is using traditional methods to harvest fleur de mere, fantastic black salt, rare pyramid salt, chili salt …So far the only really traditional and ecological project in Pemuteran and its vicinity.

If you are looking for aromatic, top quality cinnamon, vanilla strokes or similar – ABD or Anguntani shops in Pemuteran are much better choices than for instance the infamous Bedugul open market.

Maybe you undertake to find a small, funny named restaurant with delicious chicken in banana leaf, or a woman selling fruits who doesn’t speak a word of English but her gesturing and pleasant smiles solve the language barrier.
And finally and most certainly - you can find your own favorite spot in the Pemuteran bay …

How to book an accommodation?
Many homestays are listed at, agoda, asiarooms and similar booking systems. Same goes for hotels. Most of them also have their own web sites where you can book your room. For villas, and Stefan Russel are a good starting point.
If you believe I could be of some assistance, you’re welcome to try and email me.